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Prayer Requests
When we talk about an illness that needs a spiritual solution, we talk about a need for prayer. This page affords us an opportunity to let you know that we are always praying for the still sick and suffering alcoholic/addict and their family members as well as being reliant on your prayers for us.
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Please Pray for the souls of the fallen...


Shawn P., Vinnie B., Johny B., John P., Bobby A., Pippin, Brother Love, Kevin T., Eddie L., Wayne M., Roy C., Jeff J., Big Rich, Russell, John J., Brad G., Danny V.Frank R., Jay., and others....R.I.P. ,

Please Pray for all the past, present and future members of the Tabor House Community

Please Pray For The Repose of the soul of George Rose and for the consolation of his family at this time.

Please pray for all those radically impacted by the terrors of alcoholism and addiction through no fault of their own

Please pray for all those involved in prostitution/addiction/gangs etc... around the local area, that they may  all return to the dignity, the freedom and the families that their Father intended, (men, women, children and 'clients')
Prayer Needs